We seek direct investments in commercial and industrial businesses where we can add value based on our strategic thinking and operational experience. Our approach is simple, we aim for companies to achieve sustainable profitability and long term value creation for all stakeholders.

Business Acquisitions

  • We specifically look for circumstances, where others might struggle to see the underlying value in a troubled business. Perhaps profits have turned negative, growth has stalled, the industry is out of favour or there are other serious issues clouding the horizon? Regardless, we have the experience and really enjoy making companies great again.

  • We are not a private equity fund and we have no limited partners. This gives us the ability and the freedom to do things the way they should be done. To take care of all stakeholders and help the founder or owner make a graceful exit from debts and guarantees, often with a future role and second chance of involvement in the venture.

We specifically target:

Industrials, manufacturing and distribution

Revenues above $2 million


Streamlined due diligence

Fast transactions

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