Business Turnaround

Nothing amplifies issues and brings about clarity like a good crisis. Turnarounds require a special breed. People who love an almost insurmountable challenge. Who can bring a unique mix of techniques, tactics and strategies to the most pressing turnaround situations.

Turnaround Process

  • The secret to a successful business turnaround is full stakeholder participation. When everyone does their part, solutions are easier, results come faster and recoveries are greater.

    Businesses need the skills and courage to maximise cash generation and profits. And if they do that we can convince the stakeholders to do their part; lenders will keep lending, customers will keep consuming, workers will keep working and suppliers will keep supplying.

  • A well crafted and presented turnaround plan that can gain critical support will set the framework to execute a successful programme.

    Turnarounds are high stakes, often impacting generational wealth, jobs and relationships. We know what failure and bankruptcy feel like so we are not here to consult and we don’t do busy work. We get to the heart of the matter quickly, develop creative solutions, gather support and execute with unyielding dedication. The results follow.

Five stages for distressed turnaround:

Management change

Quick evaluation

Emergency action


Return to normal growth

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