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Callan + Associates is a new model strategic growth and performance company.

We help businesses create and capture value.


  • Callan + Associates is a new model strategic growth firm working with ambitious private equity style clients to reinvent businesses. Through our unique thinking, systemic approach and independent perspective we aim to create high value business opportunities.

  • As results focused, entrepreneurial operators we create and fuel growth, build a culture of continuous improvement through the aggregation of marginal gains, and create powerful brands built on a platform of valuable intellectual property.

Brand Driven Innovation

The Chia Co x Callan

We specialise in:

Growth Marketing

Continuous Performance Improvement

Brand Driven Innovation


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Strategic Tools

  • Brand Driven Innovation (BDI)
    Integrated value creation through a seamless process of brand strategy, design strategy, and innovation strategy, coupled with user experience and user engagement.

  • Growth Marketing (GM)
    Align ambition, strategy & financial metrics through a strategic framework and growth mindset designed to capture value, achieve business goals and own demand.

  • Continuous Improvement (CI)
    Performance optimisation leveraging 1% improvements across hundreds of individual data points. Agreggated marginal gains produce exponential results.




A selection of our favourite projects.

  • Technology

    Agorea — Agriculture

  • Consumer

    Do! Super Natural Sports Drinks

  • Ventures

    Bureau of Do

  • Consumer

    Ezkal Lifestyle Brands

  • Consumer


  • Technology

    Artisans of Desire — Meaningful Luxury


Do x Callan

Brand Driven Innovation

Super x Callan

Working with Callan + Associates

  • Our results driven approach isn’t going to appeal to everyone. But, for those smart and ambitious companies looking to disrupt industries, we will deliver an unfair competitive advantage unlike any other.

  • We understand that every opportunity is different, we pride ourselves on our flexible approach and are always interested in discussing how we can put deals together that benefit all parties.


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