We invest in your potential.

Would you like to take your company to the next level? Are you looking to exit an under performing asset? Or maybe thinking about retiring from your business? We may be able to help.

  • Callan + Associates

    Our mission is to help grow businesses, save jobs and reinvigorate the communities that support them. We’re driven to think different, make things happen, and build positive momentum. We help companies realise their potential through focused vision, strategy and execution.

  • Why Us?

    We bring a very valuable and unique skillset to the mix. We have extensive experience building fast growth global brands, transforming businesses to compete in technology driven environments and reinventing companies to help them find new opportunities and value.

Our Passion

We’re passionate about reimagining businesses.

We invest in companies with potential.

  • We are a private investment company that directly invests in commercial and industrial businesses where we can add value through our unique strategic thinking and operational experience.

  • Our methods are simple, we aim to achieve sustainable profitability and long term value creation for all stakeholders. Employees, customers, vendors and communities are all partners in our success.

  • We specifically look for opportunities where others may not see the underlying value in the business. Perhaps profits have slipped, growth is stalling, or the industry is a little out of favour.

Thinking of selling?

Make an appointment to discuss your business or contact us for more information.

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